This Baltimore nonprofit is dedicated to improving the lives of children and adolescents with disabilities. As an institute with a national reputation and reach, Kennedy Krieger’s website is often visited and highly trusted. Because this institute is so active, it is important for them to showcase content that is up to date and easy to locate. As part of Infamia’s technology assessment process, we discovered that previous developers had inadvertently affected Google's ability to index Kennedy Krieger's content correctly. Infamia instituted corrections which led to improvements in overall website traffic. Infamia continues their relationship with Kennedy Krieger Institute, maintaining and upgrading their Drupal website on a monthly basis.

Infamia worked with GMMB to develop the “Smarter Balanced” website. This project included a customized slider highlighting visual and text based information, as well as a unique accordion style frequently asked question section. This project is custom WordPress theme, based on GMMB’s creative designs and their clients specifications.

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