Website Maintenance and Uptime: monthly reports

Our January and February (to date) combined client website uptime reports are:

  • Network availability: 100%
  • Website availability: 99.97%
  • Website availability including maintenance downtime: 99.94%
  • Lowest scorer: 99.8%

Details available on request. So why the slow buffalo? Keep reading.

uptime and outage report for our "slow buffalo" of the month

We push our clients hard to sign a website maintenance agreement. But not all do.  This particular client not only hosts their website with us, they have a dedicated server.  And without a maintenance plan, not only does the website not get maintained, neither does the server.  Now, an uptime of “only” 99.8% is not that big a deal, but just like that check engine light: it indicates that something may be about to turn south quickly. And of course, when the telltale signs are there, nobody’s going to sell you cheap insurance.  So learn your lesson: buy a maintenance plan.

BTW, the graph above shows the uptime of our “slow buffalo.”  Click it to enlarge. The three lines represent three different monitoring points: We monitor from several locations, in this case US East, US West and Europe.  Shout-out to Monitis for providing world-class monitoring and alerting.

Business class hosting? Yea, we got that.