The Infamia team is comprised of developers, creative thinkers, graphic artists, and other professionals that we utilize to customize the right project team for your communications efforts. We have the agility and ability to scale our team to fit your project’s goals, time, budget, and resources. We pride ourselves and our team on going the “extra mile” to ensure that our clients are happy with our results.

We advise associations and institutes on online strategy. We create and manage high quality websites to ensure our client projects get noticed. The company’s philosophy is based on “three pillars of a sustainable website”:

  • Website Development
  • Social Media
  • Search Engine Optimization

That is all. How we get there is a bit more complicated.  Give us a call, send us an email, or skywrite us to continue the conversation

Ernesto Gluecksmann

Ernesto Gluecksmann

Ernesto Gluecksmann is the founding partner and lead digital strategist for Infamia. He is primarily responsible for consulting clients on creating compelling websites, marketing, and relationship management. He has worked for over 17 years in the web technologies industry and his work covers virtual collaboration technologies and web systems analysis.

Mr. Gluecksmann frequently gives presentations on leading collaboration into action and virtual community-building strategies. He presented at the Center for Nonprofit Success, Mississippi Consortium of International Development, “Evoke” Summit at the World Bank, the University of Maryland, the National Institute of Health, Start-up Rockstars, and Ignite DC. He also has led workshops on “low-tech social networking” at Africa Gathering in Nairobi, Kenya and Washington, DC.

He is fluent in Spanish and has helped Infamia establish a local and worldwide clientele.

Mickey Panayiotakis

Mickey Panayiotakis

Mickey Panayiotakis is the managing partner and technical director for Infamia with 17 years of experience in the Internet backbone industry. He has worked for a variety of nonprofit and private sector organizations since 1995, with a commitment to process-driven management. He is an experienced leader of development and design teams with a unique capacity to translate client requirements into technical documentation and provide integral insights to clients throughout a project lifecycle.

Mr. Panayiotakis has built, consolidated, and maintained top tier reliable networks, and his work extensively covers emergency management services. Previously, he served as the Director of Engineering at NTT/Verio and kept major networks running by providing continuous Internet backbone services through the events of September 11th and the NorthEast blackout.

In addition to his work with Infamia, he volunteers as the IT director for Grassroots.org, a technology-based nonprofit.