A universal history of Infamy

Universal History of Infamy

A Universal History of Infamy, 1st Ed, 1935

A Universal History of Infamy, or A Universal History of Iniquity, (original Spanish title: Historia universal de la infamia) is a collection of short stories by Jorge Luis Borges, first published in 1935, and revised by the author in 1954. Most were published individually in the newspaper Critica between 1933-4.
The stories (except Hombre de la esquina rosada) are fictionalised accounts of real criminals. The sources are listed at the end of the book.
Two English translations exist, the first from 1972 and the second from 1999 (part of a collected edition, published as a separate book in 2004). [Wikipedia]

Jorge Luis Borges is one of our favorite authors. If you can’t find this book, ask to borrow our copy.