Web Development Services (and non-web too!)

Robust code is one of the three pillars of our website philosophy. We’ve worked with some of the best designers and most demanding clients to deliver strong code and smiling faces.  Can’t say it without bragging: we’re good at custom and web development,

Great design gets attention, great development makes it work. When it comes to website development and coding, we do it right and we do it fast. We’re the team whose competitors contact them when things go wrong in their shop.  You should call us to get it done right the first time.

The tools available to deliver your organization a customized user experience are more sophisticated than ever before.  Infamia stays very current on the newest technology tools and trends so that you’ll get an online platform that fits not only your current needs but those you can anticipate for the future.  As part of our scoping process and after we understand your organization’s goals, we’ll look for comparable, existing systems that we can customize before we build something entirely new.

If it’s never been created, integrated, or customized before, we can do it.

Check out some of our custom development projects.